Forensic Evidence Drying Cabinet 30″W – Single Door | Standard Height


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BV-FDC-003-G – Forensic Evidence Drying Cabinet 30″W – Single Door | Standard Height

Managing Forensic Evidence:

Preserving evidence integrity is vital in proving a peron’s guilt or innocence. Lack of evidence security can compromise a case.  Our Safekeeper series of drying and storage cabinets provide a secure, tamper-resistant area for drying and storing clothing, linens, towels or other items collected from crime scenes.

Made of polypropylene, Safekeeper cabinets don’t absorb liquids, is easily cleaned with ordinary detergents, and can be sprayed with 10% bleach solution to eliminate blood-borne pathogens and DNA.

Safekeeper cabinets eliminate potential cross-contamination between items of evidence. Optional evidence collection tray is available to catch trace evidence such as hair or fibers that may fall off the substrate. Otherwise, personnel can use kraft paper sheet placed on cabinet floor.

Optional self-locking evidence security tags provide tamper-resistant “locks” to keep contents secure during drying, maintaining and documenting the chain of custody and reducing defence challenges to evidence handling.

The Safekeeper featurs Air Science Multiplex filtration system  which prevents cross-contamination and fully protects personnel from the hazards associated with the evidence. It also offers the cleanest air available in the industry. Since there is no ANSI standard for forensic drying cabinets,  Safekeeper is designed to meet ANSI ductless fume hood specifications.

The Safekeeper carbon filter provides superior efficiency with an optional safety filter to bring the cabinet into full ANSI compliance

Safekeeper forensic evidence drying cabinets provide cost effective storage and containment for forensic evidence as it is dried by a constant flow of air. Its ductless technology removes airborne pathogens, particulates, fumes, and odours emitted by the contents.

Advantages of using Safekeeper forensic evidence drying cabinets:

  • Elimination of putrid odours and chemical fumes using eco-friendly ductless technology carbon filtration.
  • Effective protection to personnel from particulate hazards.
  • ANSI Z9.5 compliance with optional safety back-up filters on selected models.
  • Controlled airflow to dry items of evidence in the cabinet.
  • Lockable doors with tamper-proof seals for security.
  • Broad range of sizes for diverse needs.
  • Versatile two, three and four independent drying chambers are available on selected models.
  • Easily cleaned to protect items of evidence from cross contamination.
  • Safe and easy to change filters
  • Compliant with OSHA/ ANSI regulations
  • Push-pull™ shelving, hanging rods and lockable front doors facilitate application of cabinets to many situations.
  • Standard height and Down-flow models are designed to be moved around a building through standard doorways and elevators.Extra tall units are intended to remain stationary in one room.

Decontamination and Waste Water Removal Features:

General Purpose Units, including Down-flow Models:

  • Outside sidewall hose connection to external water supply, located to avoid tripping hazard.
  • Internal wash down spray hose for decontamination and cleaning.
  • Central 1.5” bottom drain with anti-siphon trap.
  • Strainer to capture contaminants in waste water stream.
  • Optional automatic wash down system with sprinkler heads to wash interior of cabinet. Includes cleaning agent injection and mixing tank.
  • Optional OSHA Bio-hazard labelled waste water container for use when drain is not available.
  • Electric waste water pump with foot activated switch to pump to remote drains(not available on Down-flow).
  • Optional locking waste water compartment with cover to prevent spillage during transport (standard on Down-flow models). Included OSHA Bio-hazard labelled waste water tank.
  • Optional on-board clean water tank with electric pump

Site Preaparation

The Safekeeper Drying Cabinets with floor drain are designed to eliminate the need for hard plumbing, drain traps or hard wiring. Downflow and standard models are uniquely sized to pass through standard doorways.

Water Supply
    • Hose location is exterior, right side, with 8’ hose provided.
    •  Hose is configured for standard water faucet connection with female fitting.
    • Standard tap water supply pressure recommended; greater pressures require an optional water regulator.
    • A hard drain and trap is not required.
    • The interior drain is flush with the chamber floor and employs gravity and an integrated powered assist pump.
    • Drain hose routes to standard sink, floor drain or container.
    • Line cord provided with standard moulded plug, NEMA 4-14P for quick connection to standard wall outlet, NEMA 5-15R.
    • A separate breaker is recommended.
    • Line cord location is at cabinet top.


    • Ductless filter output cabinet top.
    • Optional 200mm collar available with butterfly valve for external ducting.

Additional information

Weight 111 kg
Dimensions 101.6 × 101.6 × 226 cm
Product Dimensions

Internal Height: 1150 mm
External Width: 762 mm
External Depth: 705 mm
External Height: 1890 mm
Weight: 351 Kgs

Electrical Voltage

230V, 50Hz

Air Volume at Free Air



Multiplex airflow and filtration elements for general purpose series drying cabinets.

• Electrostatic pre-evidence filter with 99.5% efficiency down to 0.5 microns protects evidence from cross-contamination by air
drawn into the unit.It can be changed without tools. (Optional HEPA/ULPA filter available.)
• Additional electrostatic pre-filter (duplicate of the pre-evidence filter) protects and extends the life of main and optional exhaust filters and can be changed without tools while unit is running to prevent operator exposure to captured contaminants.

• HEPA/ULPA main filter captures biological and other particles larger than 0.3 microns (HEPA) or 0.12 microns (ULPA).

• Activated carbon main filter, selected for General Purpose and downflow forensic evidence drying; filter captures putrid organic odors as well as other fumes that may be present, (e.g., alcohol, solvents, gasoline, etc.).

• Optional HEPA/ ULPA exhaust filter (complies with ANSI Z9.5 when fitted).

• Optional exhaust collar.

Quality Compliance

Quality: ISO 9001 : 2015

Electrical Safety Compliance

UL-C-61010-1, CAN/CSA C22.2 61010-1-12, EN 61010-1:2010, CE Mark

OSHA Compliance

OSHA Standard -29 CFR, Safety and Health Regulations for General Industry, 1910.1450: Occupational exposure to hazardous chemicals in laboratories. Part B, definition, laboratory type hood. Please consult your Safety Officer and/or Industrial Hygienist.

Environmental Compliance

ISO 14001: 2015, ENERGY STAR® Partner