About Us

We started trading in 1984 as GraphicAir Systems, manufacturing air filtration cabinets for the education and graphic design markets. The company was incorporated as Widespread Solutions Limited in 1994 and began diversifying into other sectors requiring the filtration and extraction of fumes, dusts, gases and solvents. The BenchVent brand was launched in 2012 as a means to develop a global brand and leading name in the air filtration and extraction world.

We are constantly evolving

With the introduction of new health and safety legislation, a range of cabinets and booths were manufactured giving customers the option to vent contaminants outside their building with flexi ducting as well as the more cost-effective re-circulation of cleaned air back into the workplace. This option also has the advantage of reducing energy costs and potential environmental pollution.

Products have been developed from the basic GraphicAir range of spray booths and cabinets to include the TechFlo range of industrial and laboratory fume cabinets. These are ideal for use in situations demanding higher and more efficient levels of filtration and/or extraction. TechFlo products are now established within the electronics industry where they’re recognised as all-round work stations for rework and R & D when soldering and spraying conformal coatings and adhesives.

In 2005 we were the first company to introduce a range of filtration units into the beauty industry. SolarEx is now market leader in the airbrush spray tanning sector.

In the past few years we’ve seen significant growth in all market sectors including graphics, beauty, industrial, home hobby, dental and medical as well as education. The next step is to build on this success with further product development and a vibrant export business.