About Us

We started our business in 1984, manufacturing air filtration cabinets for the education and graphic design markets. Ten years later we expanded our range to cover the filtration and extraction of fumes, dusts, gases and solvents. This led us into other sectors such as science and laboratories, computer manufacturing, and even health and beauty. Since 2012, all of our units have been sold under the BenchVent brand and come with our lifetime guarantee! 

We make all our units to order. This is why sometimes our lead time might be longer than other suppliers. But it also means we can maintain high quality in our manufacturing process. It keeps control of our costs because we don’t have to pay for lots of storage.

Alongside our own units, we also sell units from trusted suppliers which complement our own range of ventilation, filtration and extraction products.

All of our equipment is designed to meet the Health and Safety (HSE) requirements of COSHH.  You can be confident that you and your staff are protected when using the equipment as designed.

We constantly research and develop new manufacturing techniques and filtration / extraction capabilities. If you can’t find what you need on our website, either telephone us or email and we will be happy to help and advise. We have made many bespoke units for specific causes for companies and individuals all around the world!


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