Industrial & Other processes

BenchVent dust extraction systems & filtration cabinets, hoods and benches effectively filters gases, fumes, vapours and fine particles associated with industrial applications. Our downdraught benches are self-contained, providing dust and fume extraction and filtration and workbench, in one compact unit. As a rule, we always recommend units that ducts to the outside atmosphere as it offers the most efficient removal of contamination. However, if it’s not possible, we have powerful and effecient recirculatory dust and fume extraction units.

If you have any questions about local exhaust ventilation, please feel free to contact us for a no obligton advice on the best industrial extraction systems

  • BV-FN – Downdraught Filtration Bench

    from £2046.00
  • BV-FPK – Downdraught Filtration Bench

    from £2170.00
  • BV-FPW – Downdraught Welding Fume Bench

    from £3925.00
  • BV-FP – Heavy Duty Downdraught Bench

    from £2046.00
  • BV660H-D – Ducted Fume Extraction Cabinet

    £1,379.48 inc VAT
  • BV100H-D – A1 Ducted Spray Booth

    £1,588.45 inc VAT
  • BV930H-D – Hood Mounted Ducted LEV Unit with Light

    £1,999.92 inc VAT
  • BV550-CIR – Recirculatory Filtration Cabinet

    £2,225.59 inc VAT
  • BV700S-C – Dual Speed Filter Cabinet

    £2,316.00 inc VAT
  • BV700DFW – Down Flow Workstation

    £2,364.00 inc VAT
  • BV650-CIR – Recirculatory Filtration Cabinet

    £2,432.00 inc VAT
  • BV930H-C – Dual Speed Recirculating Fume Cabinet

    £2,580.00 inc VAT