Laser Application


Lasers are widely used to engrave or cut various materials, including metals, ceramics, enamel, plastic, rubber, and more. This process produces dust and fumes that can be hazardous to health. BenchVent fume extraction systems are designed to protect operators during laser engraving and cutting.

We offer a range of filter cabinets and safe workstations to ensure a safe working environment. BenchVent also provides custom-made extraction systems tailored to your specific needs. For assistance in determining the right filtration solution for your process, call us at 01423 790 039 or fill out our contact form. Enhance workplace safety with BenchVent’s reliable and efficient fume extraction solutions.

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  • Inkjet Coding/Marking

    Inkjet Coding/Marking

    3 products

  • Laser Coding & Marking

    Laser Coding & Marking

    5 products

  • Laser Engraving

    Laser Engraving

    5 products

  • BV200-DFE – Digital Fume Extractor

    £2,170.41 inc VAT
  • BV200i- Digital Fume Extractor

    £2,350.76 inc VAT
  • BV400-DFE – Digital Fume Extractor (for Fumes)

    £2,817.34 inc VAT
  • BV400i – Digital Fume Extractor Labyrinth filter (for fumes & dust extraction)

    £3,011.64 inc VAT
  • BV800i – 2 Tier Digital Fume Extractor (High Dust)

    £3,532.80 inc VAT
  • BV800 – Digital Fume Extractor (Continuous Inkjet Coding & Marking)

    £3,577.26 inc VAT
  • BV800i – 3 Tier Digital Fume Extractor (High Gas)

    £4,476.20 inc VAT
  • BV1500i – Digital Fume Extractor 

    £5,913.17 inc VAT