BenchVent portable spray booths & cabinets are a must when applying aerosol adhesives, paints, lacquers, varnishes etc. They are able to accommodate either artwork or 3D objects making them ideal for home modelling. BenchVent filtration and extraction cabinets give protection from potentially harmful air-borne contaminants given off when using a variety of products.

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  • BV555-R The Exagon Recirculating Version

    £279.99 inc VAT
  • BV555-D The Exagon Ducted Version

    £299.99 inc VAT
  • BV300S-D – A3 Ducted Extraction Unit.

    £402.19-£438.19 inc VAT
  • BV300S – A3 Recirculatory Glue Booth

    £480.36 inc VAT
  • BV260S Recirculating Desktop Spray Booth

    £541.80 inc VAT
  • BV200S – A2 Recirculatory Glue Booth

    £554.40 inc VAT
  • BV200H – A2 Hooded Recirculatory Spray Booth

    £1,012.80 inc VAT
  • BV200H-D – Hooded & Ducted A2 Spray Booth

    £1,257.60 inc VAT
  • BV100H – A1 Hooded Recirculatory Spray Booth

    £1,440.18 inc VAT
  • BV100H-D – A1 Ducted Spray Booth

    £1,792.98 inc VAT