BV-36PCR-G – PCR Laminar Flow Cabinet


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BV-36PCR-G – PCR Laminar Flow Cabinet

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a simple and inexpensive technique to make millions of copies of a specific DNA fragment from a complex pool of DNA sample. This technique is widely used by clinicians and researchers to diagnose diseases, clone and sequence genes, and carry out sophisticated quantitative and genomic studies quickly and precisely. One of the most important medical applications of PCR is the detection of pathogens using DNA and RNA.

Since PCR process is extremely sensitive to contamination, prevention of contamination is crucial during reagent preparation, sample preparation and sample amplification. This is where Purair® PCR laminar flow cabinet comes in. Purair® PCR laminar flow cabinet uses the Multiplex™ HEPA filtration technology to create a safe, energy-efficient contaminant-free environment.

It is ideally suited for use with non-hazardous contaminants and when flexible access to the instrumentation in the cabinet is required.


PCR cabinets are intended for use in non-hazardous applications where biological or bio-hazard by products are not generated and user protection is not required. (e.g. PCR Laboratories / Forensics Pharmaceutical / Sample Preparation / General Research Protocols)

Each PCR work station is expertly designed to meet specific applications and certified for quality construction. Standard features, options, and accessories are developed purposefully to enhance user-friendliness

Purair PCR cabinets are available in three model sizes with various options. Designed for desktop use or installation on an optional base stand or mobile cart.

The standard integrated control panel features an On/Off switch for the fan, light, and UV lamp timer. The optional Monitair® microprocessor controller with LCD display monitors cabinet operating parameters, airflow, containment, and filter condition and emits audio and visual alerts if conditions become unsafe.

Pureair PCR cabinets comply with current technical and safety regulations. The cabinet frame and work surfaces, comprised of industrial components, are durable and chemically resistant. The filter assembly is easy to access, easy to change, plus a unique filter clamping design eliminates bypass leakage of the main filter. Stackable sections make cabinets highly portable and enable quick setup.

PCR work stations use an energy-efficient ebm-papst EC blower for long life and dependable performance. Our PCR cabinets use long-life HEPA filters without aluminium separators to increase filter efficiency, minimise the potential for leakage, and increase filter life.

Room air enters from the top of the cabinet through the disposable pre-filter where larger particles are trapped, increasing the service life of the main HEPA filter.

Air is forced evenly across the HEPA filter to deliver a flow of pure, uniform air within the work zone to dilute and flush airborne contaminants from the work area. A nominal filter face velocity of up to 0.5 m/s (100 fpm) ensures that there is sufficient number of air changes within the work zone to eliminate cross-contamination and to maintain optimum cleanliness.

Purified air travels across the work zone to the work surface in a vertical, unidirectional downflow stream and then exits the work zone across the open cabinet front.

The pre-filter may be replaced while unit is in operation. The main filter is easy to replace; no tools required. The filter clamps tightly against the filter gasket to prevent filter bypass and to maintain filter integrity.

Additional information

Weight 126 kg

914x686x889 mm (wxdxh) External
914x679x610 mm (wxdxh) Internal


White epoxy powder coated steel frame, Polycarbonate transparent side windows – UV absorbing, Ebm radial blower 240V 50Hz (110V 60Hz option), Solid State fan speed controller with RFI filter maintains blower uniformity, UV timer, safety interlock shut off. On/Off Switch for fan and LED light. Work surface is black polypropylene. (White polypropylene or stainless steel is available by request). 2x Pass through ports. Hinged front sash window with Safety interlock


A. Control Panel: The integrated control panel features an On/Off switch for the fan, light, and UV lamp timer.
B. Main Filter: Main HEPA filter with 99.99% efficiency for 0.3 micron particulates.
C. Pre-Filter: The pre-filter can be changed while the unit is operating to prevent operator exposure to chemical vapours.
D. Fan: High-performance ebm-papst EC fan.
E. Stand: Optional base stand converts to mobile cart with optional locking casters.
F. Lighting: Compact LED cabinet lamp located away from laminar flow area.
G. UV Lamp: Built-in ultraviolet lamp with timer permits decontamination between PCR cycles. Includes a double-flap safety cover of 0.2" (5 mm) UV absorbing 254 nm beta radiation resistant polycarbonate; provides superior operator protection while allowing easy access to the work zone. Timer can be set over range of 0 to 60 minutes or set to HOLD.
H. Pass Through Ports: Convenient rear wall passthrough ports for safe routing of instrument cords, cables, and leads.
I. Filter Door Lock: Prevents unauthorized removal or accidental exposure to dirty filters.
J. Ergonomic Design: Ergonomically angled front improves reach and user comfort. 78 watt
360 Degree Visibility: Clear back and side panels allow ambient light into the chamber and provide users with an unobstructed view of contents.
Standards Compliant: Performance specifications and construction meet or exceed relevant standards to ensure operator safety.
Construction: All models are available in either metal or polypropylene construction, specify when ordering.
Available in 120V, 60Hz or 230V, 50Hz models.

Airflow - Face Velocity

0.3-0.5m/s Vertical Downflow

Fan Motor Spec

240V 50Hz, 110 60Hz available on request


Pre-Filter – Polyester Fibre Filter – 85% Arrestance.
Main Filter – HEPA filter – 99.99% at 0.3 micron