IFA3PT – Tanning Mist Filters


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Product code: IFA3PT – Tanning Mist Filters

These are high volume replacement filters, with each filter gives up to 70 Tans. The SolarEx filters use high volume spray capture media to ensure all the overspray is contained within the filter. No messy filters to clean each night

We do not use washable filters as we feel that they are not suitable for grease based products.  By virtue that tanning solution is a liquid, then the efficiency of a filter that can be cleaned in a liquid is limited.

Set of 3 tanning mist filters for:

  • BV500 (S500)
  • A300T

Contains 3 each IFA3 particle/solution filters and 3 x PRE495 pad filters

Size: 495mm x 372mm x 23mm


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Weight 21 kg