BV-P-10 – PurAir Advanced Ductless Fume Cabinet


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Art. No: BV-P-10 – PurAir Advanced Ductless Fume Cabinet

The Purair® Advanced Series ductless fume hoods protect operators and your workplace from toxic vapours, without the need for external vents. They are easy to set-up, operate and maintain. Purair® Advanced uses Multiplex™ Filtration System with electrostatic pre-filter and choice of carbon filters for specific applications.

Multiplex Filtration : The Multiplex™ Filtration System consists of a pre-filter, main filter and optional safety filter to create a combination of chemical and physical architecture customized to each application. The mechanical design enhances safety, convenience and overall value.

  • The electrostatic pre-filter is accessible from within the cabinet.
  • A filter clamping mechanism allows for the filter to be easily installed and ensures an even seal at the filter peripheral face at all times to prevent bypass leakage.
  • The filter chamber prevents contaminated air from contacting internal cabinet mechanisms.
  • The main filter number and installation date are displayed in a front-access window.

The carbon filtration technique is based on enhanced, activated carbon particle formulations from specially selected, naturally occurring raw material superior to wood or other organic sources.

The carbon is treated to attain the proper porosity and aggregate surface area and to react with several ranges of aerosol chemicals moved through the filter by a air handling blower.

  • The multiplex option permits one or more filtration options to be combined to meet a wider range of multiple-use applications. Multiplexing permits configuration for the capture of acids, bases and particulates such as biological aerosols when paired with HEPA or ULPA filters.
  • The carbon filter is a self-contained assembly sized to fit the specified product model number, and configured to optimize airflow across 100% of the filter surface area for maximum efficiency, prolonged filter life, optimal diffusion and saturation capacity, and user safety.

Industrial Components. The cabinet frame and work surfaces are durable and chemically resistant.

Reliability. Internal systems are isolated from fumes, extending product life.


The Enhanced Filtration Technology (EFT™) is a universal filtration system developed for use with a wide range of core chemical families. These include organic acids, alcohols, aliphatic hydrocarbons, aromatic hydrocarbons, esters, aldehydes, ketones, ethers, halogens and others. Although the EFT system is weighted to accommodate these families, it can handle inorganic acids as well. The EFT system is available as an option on PurAir Advanced ductless fume hoods, standard on Purair Eco Series fume hoods, and can be retrofitted on many of our ductless fume hoods already in service worldwide.

Independent Test Results

Independent testing confirms that the EFT system is superior in critical areas to other “green” fume hood systems recently introduced to the industry. AFNOR NFX 15-211 requires that three chemicals (isopropanol, cyclohexane and hydrochloric acid) be tested under very precise conditions to ascertain and establish retention capacity at 1% of the threshold limit value (TLV) for each chemical.

Additional information

Weight 126 kg

Standard Model: External 750x695x1165 (wxdxh) Internal Height 797mm

Shallow Depth Model: External: 762x610x1165(wxdxh) Internal Height 797mm

Extra Tall Standard Model: External: 762x695x1346(wxdxh) Internal Height 965mm



Filter I.D. Window, Air Velometer, Double Hinged Self Locking Front Sash, Control Panel, Steel Support Frame, Electrostatic Pre-Filter, Pass Through Ports, Air Sampling Port, Air Flow Alarm, Internal Speed Control, Optional Safety Filter, Locked Filter Chamber, 360 Degree Visibility


White epoxy coated steel frame and head unit, Clear sides and back panel, Polypropylene spillage tray, Centrifugal blower, Internal Lighting, On/Off Switch, Low Airflow Alarm, Choice of Main Carbon filter or HEPA filter, Optional Outlet filter, 240V 50Hz or 110V 60HZ, UL & CE approved

Air Volume at Free Air


Ave. Air Velocity at Hood Face


Fan Motor Spec

240V 50Hz, 110V 60Hz


Main Carbon or HEPA. Optional Outlet filter

Noise Level LAeq dB(A)