HE495 – EPA Particle Filter

HE495 – EPA Particle Filter


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Delivery: 3 – 5 working days

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Art No: HE495 – EPA Particle Filter (includes 3x pre-filters)

Pleated EU10 EPA particle filter for suspended particulates, particle size < 1 µm, including fine dusts and powders and solder fume particles. Filters classed as EU10 are used as final filters for rooms with high purity requirements (e.g. for laboratories, for foods processing, pharmaceutical, fine mechanical, optical or electronics plants or medical facilities). It has has an overall value efficiency of ≥85%.

For units:

  • BV300S (A300S)
  • BV200H (A200H)
  • BV660H-C (T660H-C)
  • BV500S-C (T500S-C)

*HEPA Filter is available on request if needed.

**f you want to the highest value efficiency filters to remove ≥99.95% of suspended particles including oil fumes, aerosols and radioactive suspended particles, please request a HEPA filter.

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