BV200-DFE – Digital Fume Extractor


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Part No: BV200-DFE – Digital Fume Extractor 

The Digital BV200-DFE  is a fully automatic digital unit, designed to protect users from harmful gases and pollutants. Suitable for both Laser and Electronic fume extraction, the digital 200 is essential for processes like soldering, light inkjet coding and laser marking. So, you can rest assured that your operators are always protected from harmful gases and chemicals.

A dedicated control, monitoring and display system unique to Purex fume extractors. All functions are fully automatic, all the user has to do is set the appropriate airflow on installation.

The features of this system are designed to lower energy consumption by using variable speed motors and automatic flow control.

This machine is supplied with:

  • 1x main filter – HEPA/Chemical (code: 113505)
  • 1x Pre-filter – F5 Pad (code:200025)
  • 1x Connection kit (please choose from options provided)
  • 1x Power cable
  • 1x Manual

This machine can:

  • take up to 3 x 38 mm arms
  • accommodate up to 30 soldering iron tips

It comes with a choice of volume or vacuum sensing.

  • Vacuum sensing – for tip and arm applications
  • Volume sensing – for laser and machine processing

System Features:

  • Automatic electronic flow control – maintains a constant extraction rate even as the filter blocks
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Clear and informative graphic display
  • Gas and Particle Sensors on the exhaust
  • Low capital and running costs
  • Quick change pre-filters deliver longer filter life
  • Sub-micronic (HEPA) filtration removes 99.997% of  particles down to 0.3 microns
  • Activated carbon filtration removes harmful gas
  • Simple to install and quiet in operation
  • Easy to relocate
  • Precision made from stainless steel
  • High performance brushless motors

Demonstrating adequate control of the risks to the health of employees students and the general public, from dusts, powders, mists, fumes and vapours is the fundamental requirement of the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health(CoSHH). For LEV information for employers visit the HSE website.

Additional information

Weight 49 kg

WxHXD 445x710x528mm (includes castors) 50kg


Digital fume extraction cabinet. Includes: Stainless Steel Cabinet, Fan motor. Pre Filter with combination of HEPA and Chemical filtration. Digital display and filter monitoring. Four castors, 2 which are lockable.Start/Stop when connected to equipment unit is switched on/off. Filter Blocked warning. Optional remote on/off cable up to 5mtrs. Includes: Main filter, Pre-filter pads, Connection kit for 1 machine. Power cable.

Fan Motor Spec

240V 50hz/60hz 460W, 120V 50Hz/60Hz 470W

Air Volume at Free Air



Choice of Gas/HEPA filters – Contact us for details

Noise Level LAeq dB(A)

<60 db(A)