Fume & Nail Dust Extraction Desks for City of Bath College

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Fume & Nail Dust Extraction Desks for City of Bath College

With a modern beauty department, City of Bath College is a leading technical college,which provides a range of nail beauty training courses and diplomas.

We were recently contacted by Adam Reed, Health & Safety Officer at the College who was in the process of finding an effective solution for the removal of nail dust and acrylic fumes in their expanding Beauty department. Having found us online, City of Bath College were keen to speak with our air experts and see a demonstration of the latest addition to our range of beauty industry air filtration benches, the BV3000.

Continue reading to learn more about the health and safety issues the College faced, the solutions our air purification units have provided and how these have benefited the Beauty departments nail training courses.

The Problem

City of Bath College incorporate the teaching and application of all nail beauty services into one large training room. In order to comply with CoSHH regulations, specifically the HSE SR13 ruling on Nail Bars, the beauty training room must be equipped with extraction systems that effectively remove fume, odour and dust particulates associated with the use of nail acrylics, from the air.

Issues that can impact the health of a nail technician and client include:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Irritation to the Eyes, Skin & Throat
  • Asthma through Dust Inhalation

The Solution

With a full understanding of the Colleges’ requirements, we recommended BenchVent BV3000 nail desks. These extraction units have been specifically designed by our team to remove harmful fumes and airborne dust generated in the nail services industry.
Manufactured from our base in Killinghall, Harrogate, the air filtration desks utilise a downdraught extraction technique to pull nail related dust and acrylic odours down and away from the breathing zone of the nail technician, creating an environment suitable for long periods of nail tuition.

Built in drawers provide an effective storage solution for nail polishes, acrylic paints and liquids, maintaining a cool, dry and dark location that was also required to comply with CoSHH regulations.

Ventilated nail desk installed at City of Bath College beauty training room

The Results

After a successful installation, the Beauty department in City of Bath College is now fully up and running with the nail desk ventilation equipment. The training room incorporates 4 units, in a mixture of both right and left hand desks with a black finish to compliment the décor of the room.

As the nail benches utilise a downdraught extraction technique this removes the need for a mounted ventilation arm. The non-obtrusive design of the BV3000 has allowed students to benefit from a spacious and safe working environment, aiding the development of their manicure skills and painting techniques.

“The BenchVent units were ideal as they ticked all the boxes as far as functionality is concerned, whilst providing a modern design that facilitates a more professional look in the salon and training area. They are also are extremely quiet, which allows students to work in an environment that aids communication with lecturers and clients.”

Adam Reed,
Health & Safety Officer at City of Bath College, http://www.citybathcoll.ac.uk

Overview of Products Used

City of Bath College opted for our BV3000 nail desk extractors. At £750 (+VAT) the units are fitted with activated carbon filters to remove 99% of the odour associated with acrylic nails and fine dust particles that result from manicures. With the option to add a side arm lamp and the wide choice of colours and finishes, the unit provides a complete solution for colleges, beauty salons and domestic applications alike.

Includes drawer for safe storage of acrylic paints and nail polishes
Nail bench available in black, white and light and dark wood finishes
BV3000 is available in left and right hand versions

Does your school or college offer nail service training courses? Get in touch with us today for completely free advice on how our cost effective air extraction solutions can benefit your teaching environment.

For more information on our air filtration solutions for the beauty industry, please contact us today for no-obligation advice and support.

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