BenchVent Helps Chemring Comply With Health & Safety Laws

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BenchVent Helps Chemring Comply With Health & Safety Laws

Chemring EOD, part of the Chemring Group, is a global provider of EOD, Counter-IED, and security systems. With over four decades supporting government agencies, armed forces, and civilian security teams it has an established track record in making life safer by countering explosive and other threats.

Here’s what Chemring said about their Health & Safety requirements for Plastic Cutting & Adding Adhesives:

“During the development phase of a project, one of the processes we need to go through is a full risk assessment to ensure that we comply with the Health and Safety at work act. During the risk assessment it became apparent that we had a high risk of injury due to the fumes from the adhesives we would be using. As it was not feasible to install external venting due to tight timescales on the project, alternative vent solutions were considered. Numerous suppliers were contacted and BenchVent was chosen due to their efficient communication, efficient delivery service and competitive costs.

The installation and commissioning was smooth and painless, and tests showed that the extraction from the equipment was more than adequate to reduce our risk to ALARP. The simplicity and ease of use of the equipment meant that we were able to achieve our deadlines and deliver the project on time and in budget.”

Dave Collins
Quality & HSE Manager
Chemring EOD Ltd

Overview of the Products Utilised

Curing Station

Chemring use our P1002-C Primary Filter Unit. Mounted above a robotic laser cutting machine, the unit removes fumes and toxic gases released during plastic cutting. Once the plastic pieces are created they are then transferred into the nearby BV930H-C. This tabletop cabinet provides a safe, open area for operatives to add the adhesive. The BV930H-C unit removes the fumes from the cyanoacrylate monomer, filtering them through the carbon filters to release clean, breathable air through the rear of the cabinet.

For more information on the unit used by Chemring, please see;

BV930H-C: Cabinet for effective removal of irritants generated in adhesive application.

Or contact us for more information on our heavy industrial use products.

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