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PURE250 – Dual Arm Filtration Unit For Beauty


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Product code: Pure250 – Dual Arm Filtration Unit for Nail Dust and Fume Extraction in the Beauty Industry

Air & Beauty Pure250 is an innovative, salon friendly fume extraction system that has been designed specifically to remove and safely capture a range of harmful and toxic fumes and dust found in the salon environment.

Numerous products used in Beauty Salons contain a variety of chemicals that may be potentially harmful to the health of employees and customers alike, as well as damaging to the environment.

Extraction is extremely important if you are using or are in contact with any of the hazardous substances below:

• Solvent Based Products
• Hardeners
• Drying Agents
• Curing Agents
• MMA (Methyl Methacrylate)
• Nail Dust

Chemicals from all these sources can be particularly hazardous as they become airborne quickly and so are more easily inhaled by technicians and customers.
The acrylics (in particular Methyl Methacrylate: or MMA) used to create nail extensions are considered to be particularly hazardous.

Long term exposure to MMA can cause damage to the respiratory system and the liver.

Dust created by filing and shaping nails can contain an array of different bacteria’s, including benzoyl peroxide, silica and methacrylate polymers.

Quick-dry nail sprays, nail varnishes and removers can all contain toxic fumes.

If you are using any of these products within your salon, it is essential to use some sort of extraction system to remove the chemicals from the air.

How does it work?

The Air & Beauty Pure 250 Beauty system has been designed to quietly and efficiently extract and remove harmful fumes caused by chemicals used in the salon. Can be used as a set up for 2 workers with ease and set up is fast and simple allowing the unit to be moved as and when required. The unit is low noise meaning it won’t disturb you when working with clients.

Many systems currently available on the market are simply elaborate fans or air purifiers and do not extract fumes to the levels required by HSE law and COSSH regulations.

Air & Beauty Pure 250 achieves a high level of extraction and capture by using 2 levels of filtration:

HEPA Filter – Mini pleat design HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filters we use are tested and certified to a minimum efficiency of 99.997% down to 0.3 microns and 95% as small as 0.1 micron. They incorporate a series of webbing between the pleated media. This feature not only guarantees even spacing for full filter coverage between each pleat, but also alleviates the possibility of airflow vibration or collapse.

Advanced Carbon Filter (ACF) technology – assures safe capture and removal of hazardous fumes. Contaminated air must remain in contact with the carbon bed for a period of time sufficient to ensure that no contaminants or odours are emitted (‘dwell time’). Our filters have been developed to capture all contaminants and odours, eliminating the risk of bypass and/or tunnelling.

This unit includes:

  • Pre filter
  • Activated carbon gas filter
  • 50mm stay put extraction arm
  • Installation flex
  • Table brackets
  • Filter blocked indicator
  • 20 sec overrun safety feature

Technical Specification

Dimensions: 490h x 270d x 290w
Weight: 10Kg
Flow Rate: 180m3/hr at 30mBar
Electrical Output: 230v 50Hz Single Phase. Full Load Current: 0.9 amps 135w
Voltage: 230v 1 phase
Noise Level: 61dBA
Duct Size: 50mm
Duct Run: up to 5 mtrs

Additional information

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 102 × 69 × 71 cm

420 x 290 x 270 (hxwxd)


Steel construction fan/filter unit finished in white – Floor mounted fan/filter unit – Centrifugal fan motor – 2x50mm ESD stay put extraction arms – 2x3mtrs x 50mm installation flexi tube – table bracket – flip top flush sealing mounting plate – Filter Blocked indicator.

Hose Dimensions

1.4mtrs x 50mm dia

Arm Dimensions

750mm x 50mm dia

Ave. Air Velocity at Filter Face

180 m3/hr

Fan Motor Spec

230V 50Hz, 110V 60Hz Option



Noise Level LAeq dB(A)

61 db(A)