BV308 – Single Arm Fumecube Extraction Unit


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Part No: BV308 – Single Arm Fume Cube Extraction Unit (for use during soldering applications)

Included as standard:

  • 1x Main filter – HEPA/Chemical (code: 110536)
  • 1x Pre-filter – F5 Pad (code: 200036)
  • Connection kit (code: 100295) Included in the kit:
    • 1 x 50mm x 2m flexible hose
    • 2 x connecting cuffs
    • 1 x clamped bench bracket
    • 1 x 38mm stainless steel flexible arm
    • 1 x 38mm pen nib
    • 1 x 95mm conical cowl


The BV308 Fume Cube Single Arm with 38mm arm kit is a single user filtration system for use primarily during hand soldering to contain and filter the soldering fumes that are generated. It allows the end user to capture, contain and filter soldering fumes for a cleaner, healthier working environment within electronic design, rework, design and technological areas. This portable, single station, plug and play system is complete with stainless steel extraction arm and installation kit to enable the operator to be set up quickly and easily.

Key Features

  • Visual and audible filter blocked warning alerts the operator when a filter starts to block and should be changed. This would avoid any down time
  • Varicolor filter blockage warning system
  • LED filter status: Green = OK; Yellow= Filter nearly full; RED = Replacement filter is needed
  • Automatic electronic flow control – maintains a constant extraction rate even as the filter blocks
  • Adjustable airflow for heavy or light use
  • Operates worldwide with no loss of performance
  • Low capital and cheap running costs
  • Submicronic (HEPA) filtration removes 99.997% of particles down to 0.3 microns
  • Activated carbon filtration removes harmful gas and odours
  • Simple to install and quiet in operation at under 60Db
  • Easy to relocate at only 12kg
  • Precision made from Stainless steel
  • Remote interface capability


  • Cabinet Height: 366 mm
  • Cabinet Width: 308 mm
  • Cabinet Depth: 294 mm
  • Cabinet Weight: 12 kg
  • 230v – Wattage: 0.14 kW
  • Multivoltage – Wattage: 0.21 kW
  • Frequency: 50 Hz/60 Hz

How are soldering fumes filtered and extracted?

The particulate (intake) filter is a 99.997% HEPA filter which provides gas filtration via deep, granulated, carbon gas filter. The unit also benefits from a blocked filter indicator to facilitate correct filter change times to maintain efficient filtration. Through the process of filtration, adsorption and dilution, operator exposure to potentially hazardous soldering fumes substances is vastly reduced or eliminated.

These units are designed for immediate operator protection from concentrations of airborne contaminants whereby all gases, fumes, vapours and particulates on top of the unit are drawn into the intake filter. Cleaned air is exhausted to the base of the bench. Higher grade filters are available on request.

Demonstrating adequate control of the risks to the health of employees students and the general public, from dusts, powders, mists, fumes and vapours is the fundamental requirement of the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (CoSHH). For LEV information for employers visit the HSE website.

Additional information

Weight 33 kg

230V 50Hz, 120V 60Hz


366 (H) x 294 (W) x 308m (D)



Hose Length


Hose Diameter


Arm Dimensions

38mm dia x 1mtr