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BV-FP – Heavy Duty Downdraught Bench

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Art No: BV-FP – Heavy Duty Downdraught Bench Top Access

Heavy Duty Downdraught Filtration bench to contain and filter for a cleaner, healthier working environment within dental labs, electronic design and rework, pharmaceutical labs, design and technology, science in education and more… Designed to cope with heavy industrial use.

For use in numerous situations where external venting is impractical but where contaminant capture and filtration is necessary.

Due to price variations depending on filter specification’ please contact our sales team for exact prices.

Applications include the filtration of fumes, vapour and particulates emanating from:

  • Monomers, adhesives, hazardous powders/particulates,
  • conformal coatings, solvents, resins, sealants, solders, welding/grinding
  • particles and dusts, sanding/refinishing etc.


The BV-FP range is of heavy duty downdraught benches are of quality finish and well suited to installation in both continuous industrial production applications and those where the environment demands a higher grade appearance, such as, laboratories, testing houses, electronics etc. Stainless steel versions are available for clean room or food grade applications.

It is suitable for surface loads up to 150kg. Higher loadings of up to 500kg can be accommodated on request.

Optional accessories include: Remote fans for ducting to external vent system, electronic speed control, enclosures, “hours run” meter and castors to enable the bench to be easily moved around the work space.


These units are designed for immediate operator protection from concentrations of airborne contaminants whereby all gases, fumes, vapours and particulates placed on top of the unit are drawn into the intake filters. Cleaned air is exhausted at the base of the unit.

Filter sets include:

A – Non Sparking Dusts Aluminium – Plastics – Atmospheric dusts – Flour or similar – GRP – Airline cleaning of electronics
F – Fine Dusts Carbon fibre finishing/sanding – Powder sampling – Other composites – Softwood dusts – Tool cleaning without RCS – Suitable for most general dust applications
B – Very Fine Dusts Fingerprinting – Rapid prototyping – Model making – Conservation and restoration – Printer / copier toner cartridge recycling – Powder sampling – Some chemical dusts
L – HEPA Filtered Pharmaceuticals – Hardwoods and MDF – Laboratory – Optical – Clean packing areas – Materials containing RCS – Hazardous dusts
C – Dust and Light Sparks Fettling – Sanding – Deburring – Dressing of welds
E – Low Volume Fume Solvents – Conformal coatings – Adhesives – Airbrushing – Cleaning fluids – Not for MEK
J – High Volume Fume Solvents – Conformal coatings – Adhesives – Airbrushing – Cleaning fluids – Not for MEK.
R – Special Duty Fume Formaldehyde – Nitrogen Dioxide – Sulphur Dioxide – Hydrogen Sulphide – MEK – See ‘E’ and ‘J’ configurations for other fume applications.
S – Smoke and Fume Soldering – Brazing – Conservation


Through the process of filtration, adsorption and dilution, operator exposure to potentially hazardous substances is vastly reduced or eliminated.

Filter sets J and R use deeper filters and lower powered fans to increase filter dwell time and increase contaminant removal.

Demonstrating adequate control of the risks to the health of employees students and the general public, from dusts, powders, mists, fumes and vapours is the fundamental requirement of the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health(CoSHH). For LEV information for employers visit the HSE website.


Additional information

Weight 150 kg

BV-FP is available in 5 sizes:


FP066784 674 660 840 610×656
FP126784 1274 660 840 1210X656
FP186784 1874 660 840 1810X656
FP129784 1274 960 840 1210X956
FP189784 1874 960 840 1810X956


The BV-FP is a heavy duty downdraft bench, and is constructed from fully welded 2mm steel panels, powder coated grey. The surface is constructed from 3mm thick perforated steel, powder coated after fabrication with a smooth finish. Integral 240v forward curved fanset (110V version available), IP56 motor enclosure, on/off switch, 3mtr mains lead and fused plug.

Air Volume at 100PA

BV-FP066784 – 1500
BV-FP126784 – 3000
BV-FP186784 – 4500
BV-FP129784 – 4500
BV-FP1899784 -6250

Fan Motor Spec

240V 50Hz Single Phase (110V 60Hz available) 170W- 1140W depending on unit


A: Non Sparking Dusts, F: Fine non sparking dust B: Very fine non sparking dusts, L: HEPA filtration E: Low volume fume, J: Fumes in High Volumes, R: Special Duty Fume, S: Solder fumes C: Dust with some sparks

Noise Level LAeq dB(A)

70db @ 1m